Farm to Fork

Have you ever wanted to eat at one of those pictures in Sunset Magazine? Now you can. The Farm to Fork Dinners are simply amazing meals. The idea was created by myself (Josie) and chef Abby Carlson.f2fpicr

The meals are 5 courses set in the magic of the Dry Creek farm. This is not the usual fancy meal. The plates are creative, amazing and 100% local and seasonal. Abby is more then an artist with food- she is pure brilliance.  The setting is artfully crafted by Josie Erskine.   No detail is left out; these are nights to remember.

The plates are veggie focused (none of this 2 spears of something on the side) each plate contains many veggie combinations. Imagine turnip cake, tomato gravy, eggplant croquettes, smoked tomato aspic- oh my! The things that girl can do with food! The response from these dinners has been amazing; they are truly meals of a lifetime. The wine is provided, and comes from local wineries.

Dates for 2015 have not been scheduled yet. Check back soon!

To  see photos of the Farm to Fork look at the Farm Gallery.

Check out the NPR story done about our amazing dinners.  More on the menu then a meal