Nestled in the Boise Foothills in Dry Creek Valley is a piece of paradise. At Peaceful Belly we have combined the best of both worlds. Our 70-acre ecologically sustainable urban farm is also a CSA Program (Community Supported Agriculture). Our certified organic vegetables supply a 160-family program, The New Boise Farmers Market, The Boise Co-op, Idaho’s Bounty and local restaurants.

At its heart, Peaceful Belly is a small family farm. We believe in genetic diversity, both domestic and wild. We grow over 90 types of vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers and berries, in addition to raising pastured poultry. Our food is grown organically and is certified by the State of Idaho.

We can’t do what we do without our community. It takes a community to produce veggies the way that Peaceful Belly can. Food should be grown close to the people that consume it. We work very hard to try to connect the people that consumer the food to the people that grow the food they enjoy. We strive to help create a better community not only through our produce but through the many outreach and educational programs we have created and partner in. Our goal is to ensure that our food can be enjoyed by all social classes.

In our ten years of farming we have learned so much. First and foremost is the importance of good stewardship for our soil, environment, water, and our health. We are growing our farm and expanding our acreage not to produce more food but to become better producers and farmers. Our larger acreage will give us the room to incorporate larger crop rotation, more animal husbandry, attention to natural and beneficial habitat, and focus on long-term soil health. We have been practicing these elements on our small farm but now have the room we need to allow areas of the farm to rest. All things living need rest, even soil.

We believe in the importance of raising food with love and care. Our entire farm staff functions as a family and we all take pride in bringing sustainable, healthy food to your table.

We would love for you to be a part of our family and boast about your Peaceful Belly.